The charter of the Guide

The charter of the Guide

It is easy to twist reality in order to convince a reader, even with good intentions.

But we want to avoid that. Sincerely. Because as authors of the Guide, we are convinced that in order to help this world, nothing is worth more than truth and knowledge. All the truth, and all the knowledge.

Thus, we present to you the moral and technical charter that we are committed to respect when creating our articles, so that you can trust what you read on this website.

1) The Guide is written with the sole purpose of informing its readers about the question to exploit (or not) animals, and the practice of veganism; its ethical justification; and its impacts on the environment and on health.

2) The Guide is not made with the purpose of convincing its readers to become vegans themselves; nor to convince them that they should not become vegans. It is made only to gather information relative to this subject. It is up to the readers to deduce their own conclusions.

3) Each of the articles of the Guide will be made by using a systematic synthesis using keywords, in order to avoid including only certain aspects of the subjects of the article, and not others.

4) Every article of the Guide will use a neutral and scientific vocabulary and tone. It will contain no insults, no moral judgment, no condescension, and no cynicism. Only facts will be judged based on other facts.

5) The Guide will not use ad personam or ad hominem arguments, meaning a critic based on the person emitting an argument rather than on the argument in itself. Information concerning the authors of studies, opinions or arguments will be used only to give context, and to explain what can appear as inconsistencies.

6) The Guide will embrace as much as possible all of the subtleties and complexity that can exist when trying to answer a particular question, as the questions being treated in the Guide are complex by nature.

The Skeptical Guide to Veganism

If you think that the guide haven’t respected one of the rules of this charter, a form is available to you in order to contact the authors. If your perception seems justified, we commit ourselves to change the content of the given article as quickly as possible in order to follow those rules.