How the articles are made

How are the articles of the Guide made ?

The articles of the Guide are made with great care by our authors, who follow specific steps in order to be sure to offer you a content that respects our charter and our goals.

To succeed, we use a research by key-words in current search engines from which we extract the scientific sources and the important arguments that will guide the article to its conclusion.

But some images are worth many words : here is, with some visuals, an explanation of how the articles of the Guide are made.

Step 1 : Definition of the question and of the keywords for the search

Step 2 : Search on the web through keywords and reading of all relevant sites

Step 3 : Listing of all of the scientific or credible sources contained in the articles that are found

Step 4 : Writing of the article to describe the different sources that have been found

Step 5 : Finishing the article : Conclusion, highlights and abstract

Step 6 : Continuous update by readers feedback, or by new information