A guide to learn more about veganism in a sincere and factual way.

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To answer a big question

The Guide exists to explore the very complex question of exploiting – or not – animals. It is here to help so that the public debate on the subject is done in a rational, fact-based way. To this end, it propose to the reader quality articles about different subjects related to veganism – a practice that consists into abstaining from consuming animal products as much as possible.

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A skeptical and friendly approach

Skepticism is a philosophy whose goal is to keep a questioning attitude towards any knowledge or belief, in order to strive for the truth. In order to treat the politicized question of the fate of animals in our societies, it is important to adopt a skeptical and non-provoking approach in order to try to find, as much as possible, the real answer.

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Dedicated to everyone

Talking about veganism means talking about science. But we know that everybody doesn’t have the time to read articles of several pages. Thus, we propose to our readers a format that allows them to find all of the essential information on a subject with a quick glance, but to also dive deep into the small details if they want to.

How the Guide adapts to you

Pledged for the truth

This website has taken the Pro-Truth Pledge, a system that hold it accountable in order to respect the following principles :

Share truth

Verify : fact-check information to confirm it is true before accepting and sharing it

Cite : share my sources so that others can verify my information

Balance : share the whole truth, even if some aspects do not support my opinion

Clarify : distinguish between my opinion and the facts

Honor truth

Acknowledge : acknowledge when others share true information, even when we disagree otherwise

Defend : defend others when they come under attack for sharing true information, even when we disagree otherwise

Reevaluate : reevaluate if my information is challenged, retract it if I cannot verify it

Align : align my opinions and my actions with true information

Encourage truth

Fix : ask people to retract information that reliable sources have disproved even if they are my allies

Defer : recognize the opinions of experts as more likely to be accurate when the facts are disputed

Educate : compassionately inform those around me to stop using unreliable sources even if these sources support my opinion

Celebrate : celebrate those who retract incorrect statements and update their beliefs toward the truth

Where to start ?

Chose a subject that you like, and dive in !

Roadmap of things to come

Creation of the website

With a lot of efforts, the site finally came to be as you see it ! Behind its clean interface lies hours of hard work to make it nice to look at, easy to read, and enjoyable to use.

Elaboration of the team of authors

To be written, the Guide needs authors; they have to be carefully selected, as this is an important work.

Obtaining certification

As you might have guessed, the Guide tries to be a skeptical initiative. And because skepticism is even better when it comes from others, we’ll make sure that our way of doing things is approved by those who admire skepticism themselves. We will thus ask for certification and approval from several scientific institutions and skeptical initiatives.

Propose synthesis of information to readers

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply have nutritional, ethical or environmental recommendations concerning veganism and you, according to where you live in the world ? That’s what we would like to do, once the Guide will be full of good information.